Birds nesting in your gutters?

Gutters are already hard enough to maintain let alone having a family of birds making their nests in them.

Did you know?

  • Bird nests will block up gutters with their twigs / sticks causing rain water to overflow, or worst still flow under the roof into the ceiling space causing damage resulting in expensive repairs
  • Bird nests in gutters do retain water in the guttering system which adds unwanted weight resulting in sagging and damage to the entire gutter system and also to the structure that it is attached to
  • Trapped water can serve as a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes and other insects
  • Added health risks as nesting birds can encourage other pests like ticks and bird mites which can easily infest homes
  • Bird droppings because of their high acidity can also affect the coating of your roof and guttering not to mention unsightly bird poop down the side of your house damaging your paint work
  • Increased fire risk as bird nesting materials can easily ignite from burning embers

Gutter Knight solves this annoying yet common problem by installing a high quality gutter guard system that covers the whole guttering system stopping birds from entering and nesting.